hello, world

1: 2008/02/28(Thu) 03:39
When I started to use The Internet, I thought I should speak English. It is not a network only in Japan. Now I say something on the Internet almost everyday in Japanese. I am not speaking Japanese because I want to speak only to Japanese, but I cannot speak English well. In English, I can't explain what I feel or think. But in the Internet I should speak English. This thread is written in English. This is the door to the world.
2: 2008/02/28(Thu) 03:48
I am speaking Japanese just because I cannnot speak English well. I didn't mean to speak only to Japanese. I love Japan just because it is where I was born. In Chinese or Korean, United States of America is spelled 'Beautiful Country". In Japan, it is spelled "A country of rice". Japanese used a letter which means rice to call USA, and we use the letter to stand for America. I don't know why Chinese and Korean call USA "beautiful country", but it is true USA is a beautiful country.
3: 2008/02/28(Thu) 04:00
In Japan, China and Korea, they use chinese ideographic letters. They are called Kanji in Japan. Japanese used a Kanji to express a note "me" of "America". A meaning of a letter makes no sense. Japanese did not think America is a country of rice, it is just one of letters saying "America".
4: 2008/02/28(Thu) 04:07
We Japanese are abondoning our traditional things. Japan may be a United States Of Japan, may be a state of United States of Asia.